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Technique and Core

Technique and Core

This swim set works on technique and core.

Warm Up: 600m

300m as: 50m Freestyle, 50m Backstroke
100m sidekick
4 x 50m as: 25m streamlined kick, 25m swim; 15secs rest between intervals (RI)

Main: 1800m

4 x 50m 25m Fast/25m Easy FS pull, 10secs RI

50m easy BS
4 x 50m steady FS, 10 secs RI
50m easy BS
4 x 100m steady FS, 15 secs RI
50m easy BS
4 x 200m steady FS, 20secs RI
50m easy BS

Warm Down: 200m

200m Easy

Total: 2600m

Comments: Feel free to use fins for warm-up, engage core, and point toes.


FS – Front Stroke

BS – Back Stroke

RI – Rest Interval

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