Chris: Chris'  Journey to Ironman Cairns 2023

I was looking to train for my first full-distance Ironman, and a friend of mine was being coached by Stuart at the time and suggested I reach out to him. I did, and after our initial chat felt very comfortable that he was the coach that I needed to get my over the line in Cairns 2023. As the weeks passed and we got closer to race day more and more scenarios ran through my head. Stuart helped me navigate these and told me that race day was simply a celebration of the training and hard work that I had put in. Pleased to say, that thought stayed with me during the race and got me over the line. If you're looking for a coach who genuinely wants you to cross the line and achieve your objective of completing a specific race...reach out to Stuart.

Jesse: His awesome race to Ironman 70.3 Sunshine Coast 2023

Would highly recommend Stu to help hit your race goals. Having not even done a single triathlon, Stu provided me with structured training to fit in with my busy work schedule to get me across the Sunny Coast 70.3 finish line. Having some issues with injury and worried I may not hit my goal, Stu was able to provide guidance and honest opinions on alternative race options to ultimately reach the same goal. The RTT family are extremely welcoming and for first timers like myself give all the necessary tips and advice making the entire journey an easy one. Personally I won’t hesitate to be coached by Stu for any future triathlon/running goals.

Afrikah: Her journey to Ironman 70.3 Sunshine Coast 2023

Readytotri Triathlon Coaching is simply the best. Stu has created an amazing, supportive and encouraging coaching program that allows you to work on your own goals alongside amazing other triathletes. Whenever I was in doubt Stu’s guidance and wise words would always be reassuring to me that I can do it and that it is possible. Stu taught me how to balance working full time and training for a half Ironman all while enjoying it. Can not recommend RTT Training enough!! 🔥

Amy: Road to Ironman 70.3 Sunshine Coast 2023

Stu is a fantastic coach with a wealth of knowledge - wanting to help as many people as possible achieve their goal. He takes the time to get to know you on a personal level and ensure your training matches your life. The whole RTT training group are a fantastic bunch of people who will support you and help you with whatever you need. I have no hesitation in referring my friends and family to RTT and will most definitely choose Stu for all my tri needs. Thanks for everything!

Karen: Karen's Journey to Ironman 70.3 Sunshine Coast

I would highly recommend him to anyone that is looking to start/continue their triathlon journey

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Stuart is very approachable and encouraging, the training schedule is easy to follow. I would highly recommend him to anyone that is looking to start/continue their triathlon journey.

5 months ago I asked if Stuart could get me to do IRONMAN 70.3 Sunshine Coast - yes, he said. Well, that was Sunday 10/9/2023 and I did it. He was amazing as well as the tri crew behind him 🏊‍♀️🚴‍♀️🏃‍♂️

Mitchell: Mitchell's Journey to Ironman

So I'd like to share my story, my ironman journey. So mid 2016 I was 120kg and unable to tie my shoe laces without holding my breath and nearly passing out. To get off the floor from playing with my then 4yr old was an effort I couldn't do without huffing and puffing. I decided it was enough and tim...

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I decided it was enough and time I did something about my weight. I started riding a stationary bike at the gym for an hour a day. Then some weights and riding. In doing so I met an incredible group of friends who took me under their wing who both challenged me and kept me motivated.

In March 2017 I decided to give triathlon a go. So I did my first enticer. I nearly died in the water. Too fast too quick. I struggled through walking half the 2.5km run. Down and disheartened I beat myself up like you wouldn't believe. However 2 weeks later told myself I could do better. So May 2017 I tried again. Bit better however still not great.. So I decided I would just keep training for weight loss and fitness yet not put myself in the spotlight again.

Then after lots of training and beginning to train similar distance swim and bike sessions some of my friends suggested i try again, even planting the seed that i could Ironman. Laughing it off I would occasionally taunt myself with the idea. Then one beer filled afternoon late 2018 with my 6 time Ironman brother I decided that's it. I'm doing a 70.3.. Well didn't I cop it. No one does a 70.3.. what's the point.. pussy.... (all in good fun).. Long story short, that night I signed up for Cairns full Ironman 2019.

January 2019 I got myself a coach, Stuart from ReadyToTri and I am sure he was in disbelief when I told him of my triathlon background and aspirations. However he took me on and in June 2019 I completed my first Ironman in 14:48:51. I was stoked. I did this all while working 12.5hr shifts mining and part time care of a little child.

So for anyone who questions their ability, time. Anything really is possible if you want it bad enough. I am proof that in even just 6 months with a good coach and dedication you can go from zero to hero. Dedication over procrastination. Go get it, be a believer that you can!

Dana: Mooloolaba Triathlon

I started training with Stuart two months prior to my second Sprint Distance Triathlon with a goal of increasing my endurance and overall fitness. I found Stuart to be very knowledgeable, always available and flexible with my last minute requests to change training slots to work in with a busy life style. The group rides made the longer distance training much more enjoyable and everyone shared their tips and tricks which was very helpful. Having a Coach and someone to support and guide you is invaluable and couldn’t recommend Stuart and ReadyToTri enough!

Chloe: Chole's Journey to Half Ironman

A massive thank you to Stuart and the wider Ready to tri community for helping me with my first ever half Ironman. It was the first time ever doing a triathlon and with Stuart’s guidance and training plan I was able to finish proudly! Stuart helped answer all my questions and made a plan that was adaptable for work life. Even thought I was based in Melbourne and the coaching was all online, I had all the support I needed to complete my event and .. fall in love with the sport! Definitely will be back and look forward to working with Stuart soon to smash a new PB! Couldn’t recommend enough

Ebony: Triathlon Training Journey

When starting my triathlon journey I was lost, didn’t know where to start or what to do in training to let me achieve the results I wanted to achieve. Stu not only helped me understand training for a triathlon but also helped me succeed on the course when racing. : recommend ReadyToTri Triathlon Coaching enough, the coach, the people, and the community are all amazing supportive athletes!

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Nellie:Road to Ironmaori triathlon

To say I highly recommend Stuart Payne as a coach doesn't go far enough. I feel like Stu worked a miracle on me. In just under a year I went from not being able to walk/run 2 mins to completing a full distance Ironmaori triathlon (3.8km swim, 180km cycle, 42.2km run) in Dec 2022.

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For an entire year he had to gently steer me away from all my self-doubts, fears and concerns, and he steadfastly maintained his absolute faith that I could do it .....if I CONSISTENTLY stuck to the training plan he had devised. Not only that, but it would reduce my risk of injury and hopefully not put me off by with the increased training loads. Don't get me wrong, it was hard work (and tiring) esp. towards the end with the much longer rides and runs There were little injury niggles along the way, I also got the dreaded Covid, but overall, when I got to race day I was healthy, happy, relaxed and ready to go! As I said, a miracle worker. I even managed to squeeze in a half Ironman (70.3) in September as a bit of a warm-up. There is so much more I could say and this is probably already waaay to long, but mostly I just wanted to say a big thank you Stuart Payne for believing in me, and for picking me up (figuratively) and giving me that little nudge I needed every so often to get me over the finish line, and achieve my dream goal of honouring my darling dad. For anyone considering Readytotri Triathlon Coaching, you will not be disappointed, and I was one of Stu's online clients residing in Sydney while he is based in Queensland. Connecting with a coach really works. I'm solid proof of it!

ADAM: Huskisson Triathlon

I've been coached by Stuart for the last 4 or 5 months, prepping me for the Huskisson Triathlon (Classic distance). I can highly recommend him to anyone looking for a supportive, knowledgeable, accessible and genuinely caring coach and triathlon mentor.

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I am relatively new to the triathlon world and had been fumbling my way through unstructured training before Stuart really took time upfront to understand my goals and also my restrictions (work, family life etc) and then put together a plan that made sense for me. No question that I had was too elementary to ask and get his thoughtful and considered input. I was always super impressed by how responsive he is and generous of his time and advice. I will definitely be back with Stuart in a few month time when I start ramping up my training for Noosa.

Andy: Cairns 70.3

Stuart helped me go from nothing to finishing my first ironman 70.3 in just a few months! He goes above and beyond with his coaching and would 100% recommend joining this amazing group of athletes.

Kaine: My First Sprint Triathlon

As someone who had always played football their whole life, I decided to have a crack at completing a Triathlon! Under the guidance and expert planning of Stuart I completed my first event well under what I thought I would complete it in. Stuart’s programming and experience let me trust the process that led the way for me to fall in love with the training and enjoy what the body is capable of!!!

Sarah: Sunshine Coast Half Marathon

Ready to tri coaching has been a fantastic resource on my triathlon journey, I wouldn't have achieved my first 70.3 without it! Stuart's is an excellent coach and his own tri journey from beginner to ultra makes him a very approachable mentor for a newbie like me, thanks Stu!!

Kiki: First Sprint Triathlon

Stuart coached me for my first splint triathlon event, he is very supportive, accessible and approachable. His team is super friendly and welcoming. I have learnt so much in a short period of time, things like training with heart rate zones, transition and preparation for the race. His weekly personalised training programme fit well with my busy lifestyle with 3 little kids and he also made my training more enjoyable and less burnt out like I used to train by myself. I completed my first event with confidence and better finish time than I expected! I highly recommend Stuart as your triathlon coach.

Elyse: Sunshine Coast Half Ironman

Stu is an invaluable coach and mentor! I started working with Stu back in January and he has successfully helped me work up to my first Ironman 70.3 in 8 months. What makes Stu such an excellent coach is firstly that he has had his own inspiring journey, and has achieved and still continues to achieve so much in this field.

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Having a coach that continues to push his own limits is super inspiring! Secondly, he really takes the time to adapt the training to your personal circumstances so you can have time for life and training! And most importantly, he understands when you need a gentle push or a kind word and makes you feel like you don’t just have a coach, but someone proudly in your corner who is cheering for your success always. Thanks, Coach Stu - you are truly one in a million and I feel blessed to be one of the athletes under your guidance!

Clayte: Sunshine Coast Half Ironman 70.3

May 2020 - how best to beat that COVID-19 'iso' year? So 7yrs after my first Sunny Coast 70.3 in 2013, I wasn’t getting any younger and decide now or never, time to challenge myself to another Sunny Coast 70.3! But this time I was going to do something different, a first for me in fact...

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I have completed many endurance events but always trained solo and had never used a coach. I did my research and found a local Tri Coach in Stuart Payne and his ‘Tri Tribe’ that was a significant additional benefit to being part of Stuart’s group.

Stuart and his club members are a fantastic friendly bunch of people. Stuart’s coaching has been out of the top drawer. The online app, Training Peaks that Stuart uses simplifies the approach an athlete is tasked with, sessions are easy to view for the week ahead, no thinking about or having to plan your own sessions, as the athlete you simply have to execute on the plan Stuart has prepared for you on the app.

Besides this, the weekend group runs and rides make the longer sessions easier, sociable and fun, learning new routes and skills along the way. Stuart’s regular participation on our weekend sessions is another added benefit with his hands-on coaching and challenging you to challenge yourself and achieve more as an athlete and person.

Stuart’s weekly check in’s and regular access and responsiveness from him throughout the week is excellent. I am not sure if this is normal for a Coach but he seemed always available & reassuring throughout the process. It became very clear early on that he is a very knowledgeable coach and experienced triathlete himself… he knows what we are going through!

I must mention that I am not an age group competitive type athlete, just your average Joe. My goals for using a coach were to train smarter, be more efficient with my time, energy and training sessions, manage my aging body while avoiding injury and to better my time from 7 years ago, I shared these goals with Stuart at the start...

Best decision I ever made signing up to Readytotri, I met some wonderful people (each on their own journey), learned how to train smarter, was definitely more efficient with my time, energy and training sessions and no injuries.... the results speak for themselves - thanks Stuart and team.

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2020: 5h:30min:12sec

Michelle: From Sprint to Ironman Triathlon

In March of 2018 I had this crazy thought triathalon may be fun. By August I realised I definately needed some help to get me to the start line. This is when I began working with Stuart and the Readytotri crew. From my first day at run intervals everyone was friendly, down to earth and so welcoming...

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For the past 18 months Stuart has happily guided me with my many fears, tears and endless questions. In this small amount of time Stuart set me up with the valuable knowledge and training plans to complete sprint and Olympic distance races, 1/2 marathons and my first Half IM70.3.

The goals continued to grow and Stuart along with the Readytotri crew supported, guided and trained with me every step of the way to complete 2 Full Ironmans. Having Stuart as my coach has been invaluable to me as an athlete and for my own personal growth.

If you are wanting to kick some goals and make some great friendships I would highly recommend Stuart and this great crew. ❤️🏊‍♀️🚲🏃‍♀️Michelle

Cat: Noosa and Mooloolaba Triathlons

I've been working with Stu for 9 months, initially returning from a break after major surgery. In that time we have focused on two major events - Noosa Triathlon and Mooloolaba Triathlon...

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I've found Stu and the team of athletes he has built around him at ReadyToTri to be some of the most supportive, welcoming and inclusive people I've trained with. Stu's approach is quite interactive and with an open, approachable demeanor, which helps me get the most out of my training.

I'm seeing huge improvements in my running, swimming and confidence, and have hit unexpected PB's consistently. I've planned out my 19/20 season with Stu, so plan to stick around with the ReadyToTri crew!

Sam: Tweed Enduro

I met up with Stuart in February 2018 after Tweed Enduro, my first Half Ironman. I identified that day that I needed to improve my running. He said he could help with that, and so my journey began. With his support and commitment to my training, I have since completed 2 x 10km runs, 2x half marathons 1x Olympic Triathlon 2x half Ironman and 1x Full Ironman. My improvement continues, my fitness increases and my times improve. A huge thank you to team Readytotri and Stuart.....🏊‍♀️🚴‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️

Kaylene: Personal Training

After having previous personal trainers who make promises they don’t keep, I am happy to say I have found Stuart, who is organised, punctual, proactive and encouraging. I am not in to triathlons or marathons (I only run if I have a tennis racquet in my hand) so Stuart has tailored my programs for my needs and to help me improve my level of fitness and strength to assist with my martial arts training. Stuart and I meet at the beginning of every program to go through each exercise to ensure my technique is correct to avoid injuries. Throughout the program, Stuart is always contactable for any queries I may have. I would thoroughly recommend Stuart as a personal trainer.

Claire: First Triathlon

I was looking to complete my first triathlon, as I live and work on a farm in regional NSW an online program was going to be my best option. I came across Stuart through a mutual friend and they recommend him. Training on your own can be difficult, Stuart personalised my program and kept it interesting, he constantly kept in touch, checking in on me and seemingly knowing when I was waning to motivate me. I would recommend Stuart as a trainer, I'm sure he would be just as good face to face as online. Thank you for getting me over the line, (without injury) for my first, but not my last triathlon.

Kerry: Triathlon Training

Stuart has been very supportive with my journey in getting me ready for the Noosa Tri. He guided me so I can prevent myself from injuries as I kept straining myself in the past. And along the way, I have met some good people that trained under Stuart with the same goals and we have all helped each other achieve some of our goals. Thank you Stuart for being an excellent Coach. I felt that I really learnt a lot from you. 5 *

Mitchell: Ironman Cairns 2019

Being a complete novice I was unsure what to expect when joining a team like the Readytotri team and having had very little experience with coaching I was extremely nervous to say the least. Would I be good enough? Would I fit in? Would a coach make a difference? Well let me say this. Since the first contact with Stuart I have been made to feel welcome to the team and comfortable when asking silly amateur questions. Believe me there was and still is quite a few.

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The team has been nothing but friendly and supportive in both welcoming me to the team and taking an active interest in my training and events. That's not even the best part. Now we get down to the coaching and i can't be more happy. Results speak for themselves. Having previously only completed 2 enticer triathlons Stuart guided me to completing my first full Ironman within just 6months. So there it is. If you are looking for that extra edge, that extra support and guidance I sincerely urge you to join the team and may I be the first to welcome you!

Merran: Ultra Running

Gone Nuts 50km trail run was my goal. As a drive in drive out mine worker on a 2 week on/2 week off roster, Stuart’s ability to work my training around my roster, travel, fatigue levels was brilliant. The strength, core and interval sessions always kept me on my toes. Thank you 😊

Rebecca: Recommendation

Great role model. Awesome for triathlon. If you are looking for a supportive coach and nice team to be involved with, ReadyToTri is for you.

Melanie: Triathlon Training

With a goal of completing my first 70.3 and a busy life, I was looking for flexibility in my training schedule when I met Stuart. Stuart is a great listener, and it is obvious that he wants to help you to achieve your fitness/race goals. I love the fact that he provided me with the training and guidance that was unique to my needs and worked around my schedule to rearrange and fit the right training sessions. Stuart and all the athletes from Ready to Tri were very supportive and always willing to help me with tips or answer my beginner's questions. I can't wait to set up new goals and restart training with them. Thanks Stuart!

Casey T: Triathlon Training

Stuart and the whole Family at Readytotri are so friendly, welcoming and knowledgeable, they make you feel completely welcomed and safe to ask the hard questions. Stuart is always upbeat and positive and so easy to work with. I have loved every minute of training under Stuarts guidance.

Jim: Ironman Australia 2017

I recently completed a 20-week training program leading into Ironman Australia. Stuart tailored the program around my family and work commitments with regular reviews and feedback. I can not convey how happy I was with the personal service and level of knowledge Stuart shared with me. If you are after a coach to help you in every aspect of Triathlon. I highly recommend ReadyToTri.

Jim Rooney - Ironman Australia with new PB of 1.5 hours

Jo-Lene: Run Training

I have been racing triathlons for over 8 years, from enticer distances in 2009 to the Ironman World Champs in 2016; so unlike newcomers to the sport, gains are not always fast or noticeable. After a handful of single run sessions with Stuart, he offered to write my weekly run program to compliment my existing swim and bike training. Moving back to Olympic Distance this year, I am trying to improve my run pace. Since training under Stuart's guidance, my 5km PB has dropped from a 4:36 pace to a 4:23!

Jo-Lene Crank

Paul: Ironman New Zealand 2017

Stuart has been providing triathlon coaching and mentoring for me since September 2016. Stuart coached me to a 12hr 40min finish at my first Ironman (New Zealand) in March 2017. Stuart formulated a training plan for me around my time constraints (full-time work and toddler) and always checked in to see how I was coping physically and mentally with the training blocks. Stuart even found the time to run and swim with me on a weekly basis. I found the level of personal attention extremely helpful and it boosted my motivation levels each week as I ticked off milestones in my training. If anyone needs a triathlon coach (short course or long course) Stuart is your man. Thank you Stuart! - Paul Hellen

Richard YoungRichard Young
21:28 01 Jun 22
Great club, took me to my first 70.3. Stu does custom plans, he also helps you through those doubting moments. The club itself is friendly, supportive and willing to share their learnings and experiences.
Luis Franco MarinLuis Franco Marin
05:19 31 May 22
I've been training with Stuart for more than 6 months now. I did not know how much benefit would I get from a coach until I started training with Stuart. It has not only been the performance and injury prevention benefits but also knowing that, in my limited time, I'm doing the right training right. Without mentioning the great advantages of training with a amazing group of like-minded triathletes!
Sandra McLachlanSandra McLachlan
09:16 30 May 22
Stuart actually follows through with what he promises: Individualised programming. I have found him to be extremely approachable, he listens and when life happens, he adjusts the program. His professional no nonsense and no ego approach won me over the first time I met him. I have improved beyond what I expected under his training and have loved being a part of his squad. Ready To Tri Brisbane is absolutely awesome.
Bridget GreensillBridget Greensill
08:30 16 May 22
Being an athlete who trains in Far North Queensland, Stuart has not only got me running but he has also made me feel part of an extremely supportive triathlon family. No man (or woman) gets left behind. You are made to feel welcome and Stuart is always available and no question goes unanswered.
Paul HellenPaul Hellen
08:29 16 May 22
A welcoming and inclusive training group made up of fun, yet focused individuals who strive to reach their fitness goals. Stu accommodates all types of athletes from beginners to experienced tailoring training plans around busy lives. Fitness plans, running plans, triathlon plans, training camps. Stu does it all. Great group of people to train with.

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