Elyse: Sunshine Coast Half Ironman 70.3

Stu is an invaluable coach and mentor! I started working with Stu back in January and he has successfully helped me work up to my first Ironman 70.3 in 8 months. What makes Stu such an excellent coach is firstly that he has had his own inspiring journey, and has achieved and still continues to achieve so much in this field. Having a coach that continues push his own limits is super inspiring! Secondly, he really takes the time to adapt the training to your personal circumstances so you can have time for life and training! And most importantly, he understands when you need a gentle push or a kind word and makes you feel like you don’t just have a coach, but someone proudly in your corner who is cheering for your success always. Thanks Coach Stu - you are truly one in a million and I feel blessed to be one of the athletes under your guidance!


Andy: Cairns 70.3

Stuart helped me go from nothing to finishing my first ironman 70.3 in just a few months! He goes above and beyond with his coaching and would 100% recommend joining this amazing group of athletes 🙂