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One-On-One Coaching

Unlock Your Triathlon Potential

Are you ready to rise beyond the ordinary, overcome your limits, and conquer new triathlon heights? Let ReadyToTri’s one-on-one coaching be your guide as we embrace the journey of personal growth and athletic triumph together!

Coaching that Fits Your Triathlon Ambitions

Embrace the gift of personalized coaching tailored to your unique goals, ability level, and lifestyle.

At ReadyToTri, we believe in amplifying individual passion and potential, and our one-on-one coaching is designed with your aspirations at heart – to improve your overall triathlon performance, excel in your individual swim, run, and cycle timings, and strive to continually challenge yourself to greater feats!

Personalized Coaching: Maximizing Your Potential with Skilled Guidance

But it’s not just about riding the waves, hitting the pavement, and conquering the KM’s. True success in the world of triathlons comes from consistent dedication, healthy habits, work-life-training balance, mentorship, and a community that cheers you on as you forge your path. Our coaches take immense pride in not just guiding you, but walking alongside you in your exciting triathlon journey.

Training Plans

Personalised triathlon coaching forged by experience!


Tailor-made nutrition guidance to fuel your body & mind for performance.


Time-manageable exercise routines to ease the work-life balance.


Cutting-edge knowledge and techniques that boost your performance.


Unwavering support and accountability to keep you on track and on target.

Ignite Your Triathlon Performance

Our specialist coaches, steeped in years of triathlon experience, create customized training regimes and strategies designed to enhance your skills, build resilience, and turn your triathlon dreams into a concrete reality. Whether you’re aiming to complete your first triathlon or seeking to set new personal records, our coaches will be there every step of the way, helping you refine your technique, boost endurance and strongly align your training with the demanding requirements of triathlon competition.

Run Coaching
Cycle Coaching

Gratitude Wall

Christopher ZapantisChristopher Zapantis
08:03 13 Nov 23
Words can not explain how highly I recommend Stuart as a coach and person. So knowledgeable and approachable in his coaching. Will be doing more Ironman races next year and Stuart will be the first person I tell without hesitation. Loved the journey of it and couldn’t ask for a better experience.
Kreet KangurKreet Kangur
05:48 06 Nov 23
I started training for triathlons about 1.5 years ago. At first I found the amount of training (training for 3 different legs) very overwhelming and it was hard to stick to the structured sessions. Joining RTT and training with Stu has filled me with a lot of confidence, especially when it comes to swimming.. that I was a complete newbie at just 12 months ago. My training has been super specific, and even though I’m a coach myself, it really helps having someone keep you accountable and push you just a little further. So whether it’s for running, triathlons, or just extra motivation - give Stu a call and you won’t regret it!
Brett SomersBrett Somers
21:38 12 Sep 22
Very helpful and knowledgeable coaching, with easy to understand training plans that were designed around my needs and life demands. Was extremely valuable in the lead up to my first 70.3. Stuart was accessible to answer all my questions right up to crossing the start line. Having Stuart made the experience a lot less overwhelming.
Andrew HewitsonAndrew Hewitson
12:10 12 Sep 22
Stuart has been an amazing coach, always able to listen to what I wanted in my training to suit my lifestyle and work around any problems.
Richard YoungRichard Young
21:28 01 Jun 22
Great club, Stu took me to my first 70.3 and I exceeded all y expectations (by over 20min). Stu does custom plans, he also helps you through those doubting moments. The club itself is friendly, supportive and willing to share their learnings and experiences.
Luis Franco MarinLuis Franco Marin
05:19 31 May 22
I've been training with Stuart for more than 6 months now. I did not know how much benefit would I get from a coach until I started training with Stuart. It has not only been the performance and injury prevention benefits but also knowing that, in my limited time, I'm doing the right training right. Without mentioning the great advantages of training with a amazing group of like-minded triathletes!
Sandra McLachlanSandra McLachlan
09:16 30 May 22
Stuart actually follows through with what he promises: Individualised programming. I have found him to be extremely approachable, he listens and when life happens, he adjusts the program. His professional no nonsense and no ego approach won me over the first time I met him. I have improved beyond what I expected under his training and have loved being a part of his squad. Ready To Tri Brisbane is absolutely awesome.
Bridget GreensillBridget Greensill
08:30 16 May 22
Being an athlete who trains in Far North Queensland, Stuart has not only got me running but he has also made me feel part of an extremely supportive triathlon family. No man (or woman) gets left behind. You are made to feel welcome and Stuart is always available and no question goes unanswered.
Paul HellenPaul Hellen
08:29 16 May 22
A welcoming and inclusive training group made up of fun, yet focused individuals who strive to reach their fitness goals. Stu accommodates all types of athletes from beginners to experienced tailoring training plans around busy lives. Fitness plans, running plans, triathlon plans, training camps. Stu does it all. Great group of people to train with.

Your Triathlon Dream Starts Here...

So, are you ready to delve deeper into your triathlon potential, break personal records, and uncover a new level of resilience? Take the leap with us today — begin your journey with ReadyToTri’s one-on-one coaching, and let us transform your triathlon aspirations into unforgettable triumphs. Book your free consultation now and take your first stride towards the triathlon future you’ve always dreamed of!

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