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Triathlon Coaching

If you’re looking for a reliable, experienced triathlon coach dedicated to improving your fitness and creating the healthy lifestyle you’ve always wanted, the team at ReadytoTri Triathlon Coaching are the ones you need on your side.

With specialist training programs for a variety of fitness levels - starting with those who are training for their first triathlon all the way to Ironman distance at ReadytoTri Triathlon Coaching- we simply won’t give up helping you achieve your goals.

When looking for a trusted triathlon coach in Brisbane and Australia, you can’t go past ReadyToTri.

Benefits and Services

When you choose to work with ReadyToTri on your athletic skills, you’re gaining access to one of the best triathlon coaches in the business, as well as a range of benefits and services that will give you that competitive edge you’re after.

Just some of what we have on offer as part of our services as a leading triathlon coach in Brisbane include:

  • Triathlon coaching using group techniques
  • Video analysis for swimming and running
  • Open water and pool swim training
  • Run training for all distances (5km through to ultra-marathons)
  • Run skills and technique sessions
  • Mindset training and coaching
  • Transition training and triathlon coaching
  • Strength and mobility training
  • 1 on 1 triathlon coaching and training with a qualified triathlon coach
  • Triathlon Camps and training days

I am a passionate coach helping athletes of all ages compete in triathlons and running events so they can become confident, healthy and fit. By providing them with tailored workouts that fit into their busy work/life schedules to ensure they excel in their chosen events.

Stuart Payne, Owner & ReadyToTri Triathlon Coach - Brisbane

We Provide You With the Guidance
and Tools to Keep You On Track

With our dedicated triathlon coaching team - all of whom have the experience and qualifications to get you across the finish line - ReadyToTri is the choice for you.


We help you stay motivated and build fitness throughout the year with regular triathlon coaching, so you can show up at your next triathlon completely prepared for a breakthrough performance.


At ReadyToTri, we’re not just triathlon coaches but a community. Our friendly and approachable team offer a range of programs for run and triathlon coaching, including strength and conditioning training for triathletes and runners.


At ReadyToTri, we pride ourselves on offering bespoke programs for everyone working to improve their fitness through triathlon coaching. Whether it’s your first triathlon or you’ve completed in many before, we have a performance-based program for you.

If you’re looking for an experienced triathlon coach in Brisbane or throughout Australia, contact us today.

Triathlon Coaching: Swimming

Our specialist triathlon coaches in Brisbane and beyond will take you through all your swim training so you’re ready to make a splash. From long distance swimming to strength training and conditioning in the water, we’ll work together to help you achieve your goal.

Triathlon Coaching: Cycling

Dreading the cycle segment of your triathlon, or just want to improve your strength and speed. We’ll help you go the distance with all the latest techniques and exercise you’ll need to break away from the pack.

Triathlon Coaching: Run Training

If running is where you need to focus as part of your triathlon coaching, we have the solution. Our specialist triathlon coaches have a range of running techniques and measures that will help you improve your fitness and develop the healthy lifestyle you’re after through triathlon coaching.

Richard YoungRichard Young
21:28 01 Jun 22
Great club, took me to my first 70.3. Stu does custom plans, he also helps you through those doubting moments. The club itself is friendly, supportive and willing to share their learnings and experiences.
Luis Franco MarinLuis Franco Marin
05:19 31 May 22
I've been training with Stuart for more than 6 months now. I did not know how much benefit would I get from a coach until I started training with Stuart. It has not only been the performance and injury prevention benefits but also knowing that, in my limited time, I'm doing the right training right. Without mentioning the great advantages of training with a amazing group of like-minded triathletes!
Sandra McLachlanSandra McLachlan
09:16 30 May 22
Stuart actually follows through with what he promises: Individualised programming. I have found him to be extremely approachable, he listens and when life happens, he adjusts the program. His professional no nonsense and no ego approach won me over the first time I met him. I have improved beyond what I expected under his training and have loved being a part of his squad. Ready To Tri Brisbane is absolutely awesome.
Bridget GreensillBridget Greensill
08:30 16 May 22
Being an athlete who trains in Far North Queensland, Stuart has not only got me running but he has also made me feel part of an extremely supportive triathlon family. No man (or woman) gets left behind. You are made to feel welcome and Stuart is always available and no question goes unanswered.
Paul HellenPaul Hellen
08:29 16 May 22
A welcoming and inclusive training group made up of fun, yet focused individuals who strive to reach their fitness goals. Stu accommodates all types of athletes from beginners to experienced tailoring training plans around busy lives. Fitness plans, running plans, triathlon plans, training camps. Stu does it all. Great group of people to train with.

Start Your Triathlon Coaching Journey Today

If you’re ready to take your training to the next level with a dedicated triathlon coach who wants to see you succeed in your chosen event, get in touch with ReadyToTri. With over 13 years’ experience as an athlete and 5 years helping athletes prepare for their triathlon and run events, I can give you the support system you need to reach the next level, so you can train with complete peace of mind – answering any of your training questions or concerns in a timely and professional manner.

To get started with a top-class triathlon coach in Brisbane or beyond, contact ReadyToTri today.

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